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Dear Prospective Student.

Thank you for your interest in applying to our Entry-Level Dental Assisting program at DWSDAÜ Dr. Howard and I are excited about the opportunities that await you. Enclosed you will find the information that will answer your questions and hopefully motivate you to apply.

Should you have any questions regarding the program, admissions, or the field of dentistry please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you once again for your interest and we hope to see you at DWSDA soon!


Ms. Jouvonie “JoJo” Walden
Director/Lead Instructor


Entry Level Dental Assisting

Course Description

Dental Workz School of Dental Assisting (DWSDA) is an educational institution that will train individuals with an interest in the field of dentistry to aid the dentist in the delivery of oral care services with the highest degree of ethical and professional standards. DWSDA will provide all the necessary courses for the student to become a competent member of the dental health care team. The program uses a combination of theory and hands-on clinical instruction to provide students with comprehensive knowledge about the profession of dental assisting. The theoretical portion of the course includes reading assignments, lectures, discussions, demonstrations, computer-based techniques, and audio-visuals aids. The clinical portion of the course includes handling of equipment, instruments, and dental materials with four handed dentistry.

Program Objective

The objective of DWSDA is to train students for careers in the high demand field of dental assisting. This program emphasizes the practical application of the fundamental concepts and principles of entry level dental assisting. Emphasis are placed on patient care, technical skills, and general knowledge appropriate to the role of a dental team member. During the course of this program, the student will learn basic chairside functions and begin to provide direct dental assisting services during site rotations.

Mission Statement

DWSDA is dedicated to the professional growth and development of the dental assistant students, who maintains integrity, participates in continuing education, appreciates cultural differences, and contributes to the community for access of care to all.

Occupational Preparation

Upon completion of the program graduates can seek employment as an entry level dental assistant, hygiene assistant, orthodontic assistant, or a sterilization technician.


DWSDA classes will meet Monday/Wednesday and Tuesday/Thursday from 6:00pm – 9:00pm and Saturdays from 9:00am -4:00pm for 15 weeks. The maximum student to instructor ratio is 8:1. This gives the student hands-on experience in all areas of dental assisting using the treatment rooms, laboratory, and office area in a fully operational dental office. Each session is divided into lecture and clinical time. The program uses a combination of theory and hands-on clinical instruction to provide students with comprehensive knowledge about the profession of dental assisting. The theoretical portion of the course includes reading assignments, lecture discussions, demonstrations, computer-based techniques, and audio visuals.

Entry-Level Dental Assistant Curriculum (140 clock hours)
  1. Introduction to the Dental Profession (DA101) (9 clock hrs.)

This class will provide an overall orientation to the program, the dental assistant profession, and the history of dentistry. Professional, legal, and ethical characteristics are discussed. Students will be able to define professional behavior and explain its importance for dental assisting practice.

  1. Psychology/ Communication/ Anatomy/ Physiology (DA102) (9 clock hrs.)

This class is designed to familiarize students with a) dental and oral anatomy, b) landmarks of the face and neck, c) modes and types of disease transmission in the dental setting, d) an understanding of the core competencies for Interprofessional Collaborative Practice i.e. values/ ethics; roles/responsibilities; interprofessional communication; teamwork. Students will be able to promote practices of good health and communicate these practices to patients.

  1. Infection Control/ Treatment Room Preparation/ Instrument Processing (DA103) (9 clock hrs.)

This class will include a) concepts of universal precautions, b) cleaning and disinfecting the dental treatment room, c) the seven steps of processing instruments, d) management of hazardous materials.

  1. Clinical Dentistry/ Moisture Control Procedures (DA104) (9 clock hrs.)

This class describes a) the design of the dental office, b) the transfer of dental instruments, c) the various moisture control techniques used in dental procedures.

  1. The Dental Patient/ The Dental Examination/ Pharmacology (DA105) (10 clock hrs.)

This class will discuss and describe a) the assistant’s responsibilities, b) taking vital signs, c) soft tissue examination, d) examination of the periodontal tissue, e) charting of the dentition.

  1. Medical Emergencies/ Pain and Anxiety Control (DA106) (9 clock hrs.)

This class will cover a) the responsibilities of the dental staff during a medical emergency, b) describe the signs and symptoms of a medical emergency, c) the importance of pain and anxiety control in the dental office.

  1. Preventive Dentistry (DA107) (6 clock hrs.)

Preventive care, coronal polishing, and dental sealants will be introduced. Dental instruments, handpieces, and accessories will be defined and demonstrated.

  1. Restorative Materials/ Procedures (DA108) (9 clock hrs.)

This class will review the types of dental materials commonly used in restorative dentistry. Amalgam and composite resin will he described and their importance in dentistry. The process and the principles of tooth preparation and restoration will be demonstrated. The role of the dental assistant in these procedures will be explained.

  1. Prosthodontics/ Impression Materials/ Laboratory Procedures/ and Periodontics (DA109) (9 clock hrs.)

This class will describe a) indications and contraindications to prosthodontics, b) types of impression trays and their characteristics and uses, c) taking dental impressions, d) pouring and trimming models, e) the role of the dental assistant in periodontal treatment.

  1. Endodontics/ Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery (DA110) (9 clock hrs.)

This class will describe the instruments and the role of the dental assistant in these two areas of dentistry.

  1. Pediatrics/ Orthodontics (DA111) (6 clock hrs.)

This class will describe a) the process and treatment planning of the pediatric patient, b) the instruments, and procedures in an orthodontic office.

  1. Office Management/ Job Search Skills (DA112) (6 clock hrs.)

The student will learn about greeting patients, telephone techniques, and appointment scheduling. This class will familiarize the students with dental office administrative procedures and the professional atmosphere required in a dental office. Students will be given the methods needed to prepare a resume and job application. Techniques for a successful job interview will be demonstrated.

*Course numbering system – The course numbering system uses o five-digit alpha-numeric numeric identifier.

Student Application for Admissions

Application Instructions: Complete Application entirely. Along with application, please submit: A copy of your high school (or college) transcript, a short essay on your interest in our program and the dental field, and a $25 Application Fee. In order to reserve a seat in a class you must submit a $125.00 enrollment fee. You are welcome to include your enrollment fee at the time of your application if you would like. Once completed, please mail, email, or fax all the required documents to Dental Workz School of Dental Assisting.

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